Based on the thousands of games we analyzed during the LoR closed beta, combined with EG Swim’s experience as one of the most outstanding deck builders during beta testing, we prepared 12 recommended deck to run the open beta of Legends of Runeterra.

This is one of them

Top deck Great White Sharks (SI + DE)

You like to play super agro? The Great White Sharks are a deck for you. The deck can snowball quickly and has an amazing amount of opportunities to draw cards to support your hand.

Make a mulligan to find “Remembrance” and any cards with Manacost 2, keeping with you effects that can kill your Cursed Keeper if you have one.

Avoid playing anything in the 1st move, as you want to save your mana for a 3-card combo in the 3rd move. By doing this, you set off a move to raise the level of Lucian and play a very undervalued card “Remembrance”.

When attacking, don’t forget to place Lucian to the right of your units so that he can raise the level during the battle. If everything goes well, you will be ready for the winning finish with Hecarim.

Code for exporting the deck:

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