In a game where getting cards is limited in time, you look for decks that give the best results. Decks in this article are built from the cards that you get in the early stages of the prologue quests and the starting package from the store.

Elites + Zed

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

The elite is one of the most powerful (if not the strongest) tribal decks, and this deck revolves around their abuse.

Cards like Vanguard Bannerman and Battlesmith allow you to quickly build a massive table that can quickly attack your opponent and snowball if they can’t respond.

The deck also launches the Inspiring Mentor + Zed combination that quickly gives you two 4 | 3 with Quick Attack on the 3rd move, giving you another option to crush your opponent.

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Discard Jinx + Darius

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

If you want to play fast and punch in the face, but can’t afford the Jinx + Draven Discard Aggro deck we talked about earlier, consider playing with Draven’s brother.

This version, similar in style, uses aggressive early game cards such as Legion Rearguard and Sump Dredger to snowball an advantage that you can end up with a Jinx or Darius upgrade.

With no burn, which provides PZ + NX, it is quite easy to get to the threshold of 10 HP so that Darius can raise the level.

If Jinx or Darius fails, you have “Mystic Shots” and “Mights” to inflict additional damage.

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SI + FR Control

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

It’s hard enough to make a good control deck with a limited budget, but this one does its job! It is built to slow the game down to the limit until the resource advantage is on your side.

Play reactively to eliminate enemy threats with damage effects from a single target, maximizing your AoE table cleanup.

You will often have moves when you destroy an enemy board using Avalanche and Withering Wail, keeping your own, as you will have units with Last Sigh effects.

Maps such as Cursed Keeper will help prepare the ground for the big finish along with Tryndamere.

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SI + NX Spiders

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

This deck is built around spam spider cards provided by Noxus and Shadow Isles.

Try to raise Elise’s level as soon as possible using cheap spiders and cards such as Crawling Sensation.

From there you will be able to continuously increase the damage using buffs from Frenzied Skitterer and Arachnoid Host until you can finish the game with a finisher like Captain Farron.

The deck also includes an aggressive set of Dusky Islands with maps such as Cursed Keeper + Ravenous Butcher to help exert pressure at an early stage if you pull them out instead of your spiders on the starting arm.

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Jinx + Zed Aggro

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

This deck is built around two of the most aggressive mechanics in LoR, Elusive and Quick Attack. Using these keywords, you can create a table that is almost impossible to block if your opponent is not prepared.

Cards like Inspiring Mentor reinforce your units with these two effects to make them even harder to sweep. If you manage to use the effect from Inspiring Mentor on Zed, you will have two 4 | 3 with quick attack on the 3rd move.

If the game lasts long, you can use the firepower of Jinx to finish the match. Ninja with guns… come on, who doesn’t like it?

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Midrange Large Dudes (DE + FR)

Top 6 Cheap Decks | Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)

This mid-level deck makes good use of basic units such as Fleetfeather Tracker and Laurent Protege to move the game to a later game.

Once there, you can activate your big boys Garen and Tryndamere as Finishers. Try to combine them with a map of “Judgment” to get a big advantage.

If you are a fan of Elnuks, this deck also includes Bull Elnuks + Troop of Elnuks to give your big guys a herd of beasts and scare your enemies.

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