Based on the thousands of games we analyzed during the LoR closed beta, combined with EG Swim’s experience as one of the most outstanding deck builders during beta testing, we prepared 12 recommended deck to run the open beta of Legends of Runeterra.

This is one of them

Top deck - Dawnspiders (SI + DE)

Dawnspiders is one of Swim’s signature decks and one of two decks (along with Great White Sharks), which he believes will be one of the most optimized for rating games.

He focuses on using Elise to generate a ton of spiders 1 | 1 to activate Dawnspeakers, and constantly superimposes +1 | 1 on these spiders if an ally dies during a round.

Combine this with the sacrificial mechanics of the Shadow Isles with maps such as Cursed Keeper and finishers such as Rhasa to get an incredibly powerful deck that will be strong from the start of the meta.

Code for exporting the deck:

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