Riot Games is going to add rank games, new battlefields, heroes, regions and mechanics, additional defenders, a lot of balance corrections and changes for the economy to Legends of Runeterra.

In addition, this year the project will be officially released on PC and mobile devices.

We have already found out that on January 24th the open beta testing of Legends of Runeterra will start. Now it’s time to study developers’ plans for the near future and additional details about the test.

There will definitely be no reset of accounts during the OBT, so all the progress made will be maintained after the release of the project, which is scheduled for 2020.

The team will expand the possibilities of personalization (we are talking about six new game fields and three defenders) and will change more than 20 cards.
Players will be allowed to challenge other gamers and use the friend window. Game economics, mechanics and systems will be updated.

Rank Games mode will be available. That means we will be able to earn LPs, move to higher divisions, receive rewards and save the resulting rank for the rest of the season.

Among other things, in 2020 Riot Games will add new cards, regions-factions, mechanics and champions to LoR for already existing fractions.

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