Allies and champions may have keywords that give them special abilities, such as the mentioned Braum regeneration. To see what these abilities do, you can always right-click the card and hover over the keyword to get a quick explanation of the tooltip that pops up.

Here’s a list of them:

Last Breath: When this unit dies, it causes an effect.

Support: Gives effect to the unit to the right of this ally when it attacks.

Lifesteal: The damage caused by this unit heals your connection to 20.

Overwhelm: Extra damage to blockers is transferred to enemy communications.

Elusive: Can only be blocked by another elusive warband.

Nexus Strike: Get a certain effect when hitting an enemy Nexus.

Regeneration: Treats lost health at the beginning of a round.

Challenger: You can choose which unit is blocking this opponent when he attacks.

Strike: Gives a certain effect when an enemy unit attacks.

Can’t Block: Can’t block an enemy unit from attacking.

Frostbite: unit attacks become zero.

Tough: Get one less damage from all sources.

Enlightened: Causes effect when reaching mana ten.

Ephemeral: This unit dies after an attack or at the end of a round.

Fearsome: Cannot be blocked except by enemies with three or more attacks.

Double Attack: It attacks twice, but cannot defend itself.

Barrier: Cancels damage once.

Quick Attack: Deals the first attack blow, dealing damage and potentially killing an opponent’s ally before they can retaliate.

Play: Launches a linked effect the first time a map is played.

Stun: This prevents you from using an ally to attack or block a round.

Recall: It causes a tied effect when a card returns to your hand.

Stop: This will undo the spell.

Lifesteal: This treats Nexus by the specified amount.

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