Another unique aspect of Legends of Runeterra is Champions, special cards with powerful effects, each of which represents a League of Legends character.

Champions are often your strongest cards, and entire decks are built around their ability to destroy your enemies.

Like allies, Champions have attack and health values. They also have keywords – examples of which can be found below – that change their interaction with other cards during a battle.

Champions can also be promoted if you meet special conditions unique to each Champion. Let us use Braum as an example.

Braum is a champion with zero offense and five health stock. He has two special abilities: The Challenger lets you assign who blocks Braum when he attacks, and Regeneration heals Braum to full health every round.

His level condition requires him to survive 10 total damage. So the strategy here is to attack Braum and force him to take damage from his opponent’s allies, which he will repair each round.

As soon as Braum increases, he becomes even more powerful. He will now have 7 General Health Units and a new ability that will trigger Mighty Poro each time he takes damage. Mighty Poro is a card with 3 attacks and 3 health units, which has a special keyword called Overwhelm .

Besides, you can only call one type of Champion at a time.
If you draw a second Braum while the first one is still in the game, this second Braum will turn into a unique and powerful spell.
In this case it will become the “Heart of Braum”, which gives the ally +3 to attack and health.
These unique spells will always drag a copy of this Champion back into your deck when used.

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